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CBD Hemp Flower

CBD Hemp Flower

Mar 2nd 2020

What is CBD flower?

CBD hemp flower comes from the hemp plant, just like the oils and other CBD products you may already be familiar with. Unlike those products, the CBD hemp flower is not processed at all. In its rawest form, the naturally occurring flowers (also called buds) are dried, trimmed, tested and packaged for consumption.

CBD hemp flower contains the highest amount of cannabinoids in the plant, with the same beneficial cannabinoids we've grown to love with no high. These flowers tend to give a stronger entourage effect, thus more quickly providing relief.

A study published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information, explains that CBD interacts with serotonin receptors in a way that provides therapeutic results for our mind and body:

“Cannabis triggers a complex set of experiences in humans including euphoria, heightened sensitivity to external experience, and relaxation. The primary noneuphorizing and nonaddictive compound of cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD), has recently been shown to possess considerable therapeutic potential for treating a wide range of disorders such as chronic pain, nausea, epilepsy, psychosis, and anxiety.”

How do you use CBD flower?

There are many ways you can use CBD Hemp Flower. From smoking to baking and a few things in between. Two of our favorite are CBD Hemp Flower for smoking and tea infusions - most specifically for ritual or meditative purposes.

  • Smoking
  • Tea infusion
  • Baking & Cooking
  • Making oil or butter    


Best CBD Hemp Flower

The best CBD Hemp Flower is organically grown, properly dried and tested for potency. Also important is the Certificate of Analysis and the plant's genetic history

Like all of our CBD products, we carefully partner with growers who take the same care we do.

CBD Hemp Flower Blends

Our CBD Hemp Flower Blends are paired with other complimentary herbs for maximum benefits.

Currently blending for anxiety and pain - a perfect blend of organic mugwart, marshmallow and mullein in addition to Cherry Wine CBD hemp flower.

CBD Hemp Flower Buds

Two very different organically grown and artisanally crafted strains - available in 3.5 or 7 gram refillable containers

Cherry Wine

With smell and taste of cherries and black pepper, this high CBD strain is great for pain relief and relaxation without the high. Terpene profile includes farsenene, limonene, myrcene, linalool, and b-caryophyllene. 13.2% CBD 1% CBG 3% CBC


A fan favorite floral, citrus and spicy indica-dominant blend is great for pain relief. Terpene profile includes myrcene, b-caryophyllene, a-pinene and limonene. 16.5% CBD 2.2% CBG

Of course, individual results vary and you should always consult with your physician and/or qualified and licensed healthcare provider before starting this or any supplement.