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CBD for Rescues

CBD for Rescues

Jul 13th 2020

CBD for Rescues  

A few weeks ago we set out to visit Wags 2 Wishes Animal Rescue to take a few photos and video of rescue dogs in foster care. Our purpose was to help spread the word about the rescue and their programs, help spread the word about these specific dogs (photos below) who were so kindly waiting for their forever families and last, to shoot some video to use on our website about our dog treats. We had the best time ever and you may remember seeing some of these faces on social media right away.


Babe is a 2 year old Shepherd and oh so sweet. She is great around kids and other pets. She was nervous around the camera so we gave her pets instead. She was recently transported to Wags and was only one day out from weaning her pups. Sweet girl.


Princess Roxie is a happy gal who loves kids. She prefers to be the only dog in the home and is oh so sweet. She also loves much. So we gave them to her. All of them! NOM NOM NOM


Toby, the Supermodel is a ten year old gentlemen. Not camera shy at all and let us put him in various poses. Would make a great companion dog for a senior, or anyone really.

More about Wags

Wags 2 Wishes Animal Rescue is a non-profit, all breed animal rescue with a mission to rescue abused, sick, abandoned and forgotten animals. While many of the animals find their forever home in a short time, some are under care with us to rehabilitate and get "back on their paws". They take in some of the worst medically intense or neglect cases... with much success, but their hearts are much bigger than their bank accounts.

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Our work with rescues

          Best Friends Animal Society           

Many pets in transition benefit from the natural, calming and pain relieving benefits of hemp-derived CBD. Since the beginning, we support national and local rescues like Best Friends Animal SocietyAnderson Animal ShelterWags 2 WishesObi's Pet PantryH.E.L.P. Homes for Endangered & Lost Pets, and Fur Angels Animal Sanctuary

Here's how: 

  • Monthly CBD supplies at no charge to pets in foster care
  • Periodic fundraisers where we donate a percentage of our total sales 
  • Raffle baskets and other donations for fund raisers
  • Anything else we can dream up! Let's collaborate.

About our dogs 

Fat Sam and Kody, our beloved dogs of 15 years recently passed - but their final years were significantly improved by the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits of CBD. The resident testers of all things pumpkin and peanut butter, Fat Sam's face will be forever remembered through the line up of CBD oils and treats specially formulated for cats and dogs.

Both Fat Sam and Kody were rescue dogs - and we continue that passion through donating products and raising funds to help animals during their difficult times in foster care. 

Special thanks to Lenny Gilmore Photography for capturing our special day.