Elevate Your Salon: A Success Story Partnership with Mane Strain Hair Shop

Elevate Your Salon: A Success Story Partnership with Mane Strain Hair Shop

Posted by CryBaby Wellness, Urban Apothecary on Feb 27th 2024

Meet Mane Strain Hair Shop in Dekalb IL, specializing in hair, scalp and skin treatments with our full spectrum CBD oil concentrates. You can also find a few of our wellness goods at their front counter. 

A full service salon for all people, CBD scalp treatments are their specialty. They use our 2500mg / 30ml concentration organic full spectrum CBD oil for hair and scalp treatments, as well as in their waxing services. Their success has inspired us to formulate more products coming soon for scalp and hair growth. 

Customers experience many benefits from CBD for scalp and skin because it: 

  • Encourages hair growth, with lots of studies to back it 
  • Treats scalp conditions like eczema and psoriasis 
  • Supports and slows down stress induced or hormonal hair loss 
  • Helps reduce breakage and supports the hair structure 
  • Acts as analgesic and calms inflammation on the skin - which makes it great for pre- and post- waxing 

Mane Strain Hair Shop is a whole vibe. From the plants and decor, owners Mary Kate and Becky have considered every detail. We love it here. They have been a customer almost since the beginning, it is going on 6 years already ❤️ 

If you are thinking of adding CBD to your product or service line, let's connect. We offer personal service, education, great margins and low minimums. 

We work only with community-focused small businesses across the US. No chains, no big box stores. Just one-on-one support, from our staff to yours; small business owner to small business owner.  

More info:

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