For Pets


Pet-Approved CBD Oil Drops & Pumpkin Peanut Butter Treats

Help your canine and feline family feel calm, happy and pain free (source: Cornell University) through our all-natural CBD tincture for dogs, cats and other pets. For a more mouth-watering experience, try our handcrafted line of pumpkin peanut butter CBD dog treats.

How to give CBD to your pet

Start with the weight chart below. Based on your pet's size, weight and ailment, results can vary. Give a half dropperful by mouth or in food or one treat, increase as needed.‚Äč

  • Daily: for chronic illnesses and conditions like arthritis pain or generalized anxiety. Up to 3 times day.
  • As needed: for situational conditions like seizures (give oil in mouth ASAP) or one hour before a stressful event (fireworks, thunderstorms, car rides, etc).


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