Travel Size: 30mg CBD Softgels Broad Spectrum

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5 Count - 30mg Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels

Broad Spectrum Blister Packs contains five pre-measure 30mg CBD softgels, so you never have to worry about mixing or measuring your CBD serving size. Our broad spectrum softgels allow you to experience the entourage effect, which multiplies the wellness potential of CBD, but with zero THC.

What are CBD trial packs?

CBD trial packs allow anyone interested in the health and wellness potential of hemp-derived CBD the opportunity to sample a selection of products without committing to a larger-sized bottle. Contains five servings of broad-spectrum CBD, investing in trial packs could be the best way to determine which option is right for you.

Why Choose CBD Trial Packs?

The only way to know how your body might respond to hemp-derived CBD is to try it. After trying CBD, the only way to know if you prefer one product type over another is to compare them. Our CBD trial packs give you a commitment-free option to figure out which of several high-quality products you prefer. Once you've determined which products best suit your needs, you may even decide to keep a supply of trial packs on hand for travel. CBD trial packs are easy to slip into a bag or briefcase, travel well, and are a great way to share your enthusiasm for our products with friends and family members who might be curious about CBD but hesitant to make that first purchase.

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