Bian Gua Sha Stone

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Discover the transformative power our favorite gua sha tool, this sought-after facial tool was designed by an acupuncturist and holistic esthetician with every detail considered.

Crafted from genuine Bian stone, a treasure formed when a meteor collided with a Chinese mountain 65 million years ago. It is an amalgamation of over 40 minerals renowned for their remarkable healing properties, this exquisite tool is your secret to achieving lifted, sculpted, toned, and revitalized skin.

Bian stone emits energy known for antioxidant and anti-aging benefits, including a measurable ultrasound pulsation and a far-infrared wave. It also emits negative ions, known to promote relaxation and overall well being.

Unlock your skin's true potential with this true gift from nature, where natural beauty meets ancient wisdom. Experience the art of facial gua sha with a tool that not only sculpts and revitalizes but also connects you with the earth's healing energies.

Pairs perfectly with our Skin Therapy CBD Infused Face Oil or CBD Infused Body Oil