We Are Nominated: Most Innovative Events

We Are Nominated: Most Innovative Events

Posted by Batavia Enterprises on Feb 28th 2024

Enjoy this special write up from our building owner, Batavia Enterprises recognizing the many talented local businesses nominated for local awards.

CryBaby Wellness / Urban Apothecary puts on some of the most unique events earning them the well deserved Celebrate Success nomination for "Most Innovative Events!" 

? Located at 104 First Street (and you can also find them at the Batavia Farmers' Market), CryBaby Wellness is a women owned business focused on sourcing and producing premium CBD and natural wellness products. 

Owner, Cheryl is incredibly talented and is truly dedicated to not only providing high-quality products but also educating her customers about the ingredients and benefits her products can provide to enhance and support overall wellness and quality of life.

⭐ And let's talk about some awesome events... Cheryl's events at CryBaby Wellness typically focus on self-care, health and wellness and often involve a collaboration with other local downtown business. From taking care of your body to taking care of your mind to building a supportive community, events at CryBaby Wellness leave you feeling revived, rejuvenated and inspired. 

❤ PLUS... in addition to helping you care for your own wellbeing, Cheryl can also help you care for your fur children! As the owner of Fat Sam's for Pets located right next door, Cheryl can provide you with high quality CBD oils, treats, peanut butters and essential oil blends so you and your pet can live your best lives together! 

⭐ Go check out one of Urban Apothecary's upcoming "innovative" events and while were at it, we'd like to give a shout out to the other nominees who also have some pretty phenomenal events on the regular:

Sturdy Shelter Brewing

Wilson Street Mercantile

Sidecar Supper Club & Beer Garden

Congrats and thanks for keeping Batavia such an entertaining and happening place!