Stress Support Herbal Tea

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Small batch, hand-blended CBD teas made with organic herbs and CBD hemp flower. 720mg CBD / .75oz total, 20mg per teaspoon. Use one to three teaspoon(s) for each cup of tea desired. Steep for 5 minutes. Relax and enjoy.

Take care with our Ritual Teas, blended to help reduce inflammation, lift mood and support your healing process.

*Available in all blends*

Anti-inflammatory: Ginger and tumeric plus CBD - highly anti-inflammatory, great for digestion and gut health. Made with Suver Haze CBD hemp flower, organic ginger and tumeric root

Self Love: A calming and self-love blend, great for relaxation. Lavender buds, rose petals, damiana leaf, Suver Haze CBD hemp flower

Lung & Throat: Herbs to support breathing, break up congestion and clear lungs. Suver Haze CBD hemp flower, peppermint leaf, mullein leaf, holy basil leaf and buds, lavender buds

Stress Support: Helps to support physical and emotional stress with this triple adaptogenic tea blend. Made with organic ashwagandha root, tulsi (holy basil) leaf and buds, Suver Haze CBD hemp flower

Aches & Pains: Made for physical pain and menstrual distress with organic herbs: jasmine, hibiscus, raspberry leaf, and Suver Haze CBD hemp flower

Immune Support: A blend to help boost and support your immune system with elderberry, lemon peel, orange peel, ginger, cinnamon, raspberry leaf, and Suver Haze CBD hemp flower.